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Natixis Energéco

Natixis Energéco specializes in financing renewable energy projects.

Natixis Energéco has been active in sustainable development since the mid-1990s and has acquired solid experience in project financing in this sector.

Natixis Energéco has developed for you, companies and project sponsors, a comprehensive, project-specific financing package.


Natixis Energéco in a few figures:

  • 429 M EUR in arranged financing in 2017
  • total installed power financed at end-2017: more than 3 000 MW


What Natixis Energéco does:

Natixis Energéco offers credit and leasing financing solutions that include within the same contract all the project’s components: the property itself (the land, buildings and fittings), the equipment and intangibles (insurance, fees, etc.).

  • Wind power
  • Photovoltaic solar energy: financing of stand-alone plants and building-integrated plants
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Biomass: Natixis Energéco has financed a CRE 1 project and is assisting several CRE 2 and CRE 3 projects.
  • Biogas, anaerobic digestion: Natixis Energéco has funded several landfill biogas projects generating a total of 3.61 MW.


Main specifications of Natixis Energéco’s projects:

  • Can last up to 18 years
  • Credit- or lease-financed
  • Debt/equity ratios based on the quality of the project.
  • Fixed or floating rates.
  • Repayment schedules: quarterly or every six months.
  • Minimum amount: €5,000,000.


Natixis Energéco is a member of the trade associations Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables ( and France Energie Eolienne (

Here’s how to find us

Contact :

Natixis Energéco : 4 place de la Coupole 9222 Charenton-le-Pont cedex

Tél. : 01 58 32 80 80 - Fax : 01 58 32 53 15

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