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Your Sustainable development projects

Natixis Energéco finances your renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection projects.
As one of the leaders in financing renewable energies, Natixis Energéco has been active in sustainable development since the mid-1990s. Our experts in this field are a major asset for professionals who wish to have constant guidance in seeing their projects through.
Sofergie leasing

The financing of renewable energies and investments to protect the environment – that is the mission of Natixis Energéco, a Natixis Lease subsidiary. With high-level expertise and acknowledged know-how, Natixis Energéco develops a comprehensive financial package for companies and project sponsors in the form of real-estate and equipment leases or conventional loans to finance your projects.

International leasing

Through its branches and partners, Natixis Lease remains at your side during your international expansion.

Our Solutions
Direct access to our lease financing products.